Jenny Ewing – Triage Management Systems

Experts in Emergency Planning & Business Continuity

What do we do?

Triage Management Systems is a consultancy and training business that empowers businesses to absorb, respond and recover from disruptions to Business as Usual – Enhancing Organisational Resiliencethrough providing the framework required for thesedisruptions

This is achieved through the following (but not limited to):

  • Interactive workshops tailored to your specific business- addressing ways business can cope and recover during and following disruptions. Stakeholders expectations, reputational, financial and IT impacts.
  • Developing emergency preparedness and business continuity plans to reflect individual functions within organisations, including relocation plans, and supply chain which is often not considered (failure of supply lines will cause a failure to supply hence impacting on BAU).
  • Conducting Business Impact Analysis (BIA) – a systematic process that determines and evaluates the potential effects (risks and hazards) of an interruption to critical business functions.
  • Training- CIMS 3rd (Coordinated Incident Management Systems), EOC (emergency operations centre) functions, running scenarios to test processes and plans to meet legislative requirements.
  • Health & Safety:
    • ICAM Accident investigation andprevention
    • Audits and reports tailored to their business (gap analysis & actionplans)
    • Risk management & compliance,culture, PCBUresponsibilities


What is our target market?

Any business who are passionate about enhancing resilience both organisational and personal therefore, empowering our communities in which we live and work.

We are across all NZ and beyond.


What do I love about Selwyn?

Selwyn is a unique district whereby the majority of people living here all have a common goal in wanting to give back and support the community.

Personally, I endorse and uphold the vision of the SDC around passion, honesty, respect, and reliability.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

As a business owner the Selwyn Business Group provides wisdom, support, connections through referrals, and a sense of belonging which is vital within sole business owners. Every member is valued and respected.

Welcome to Triage Management Systems


Experts in Emergency Planning & Business Continuity