UBX (U Box) Training Rolleston

Stay at your peak performance

What do we do?

The UBX Training methodology was inspired by our co-founder, and four time world champion boxer, Danny Green, who uses a combination of boxing skills and drills, high impact, explosive training and functional strength to stay at his peak.

Similar to most athletes, the goal was to maintain a strong standard of health and fitness and preserve physical and mental health long-term. This same principle is at the core of what we do at UBX Training, and what our coaches share with our members.

Our unique Boxing and Strength training is non-contact, and focuses on a mixture of bagwork, padwork and strength training across a 12 round workout. You don’t have to spar and you never have to step into a ring. It’s your training, at your pace, suited to your fitness level.

In every workout, you get 1-on-1 support from a UBX coach who demonstrates your exercises, helps you with your form and technique and gives you individual boxing padwork.


What is our target market?

You!! We want you to be part of the UBX Rolleston Family. Are you looking to lose body fat or gain muscle mass? Meet new people or improve your sleep? Destress and feel better? Or learn new skills? We are a locally owned Franchise and passionate about health and fitness. We want to build a community and connection. So if you are looking for any of these things then UBX Training Rolleston is for you.  #WhatAreYouFightingFor


What do I love about Selwyn?

I moved here in 2011 from Nelson but I have roots in Canterbury.  I love the opportunity and community feel of living in Selwyn. We have everything we need right at our backdoor! I like being involved with supporting small local businesses and the friendly nature of a close knit community.


Why am I wanting to be a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

The support, friendships and networks that I have built. Being in business can sometimes feel like a very lonely experience even with the support of family and friends. Having a network of like minded business owners to talk to can make a difference during trying times. But I also like to be able to lend a hand to anyone in the group using my skills and knowledge.