Defined Beauty

What do we do?

Defined Beauty specialises in skin therapy and takes anti-ageing and skin correction seriously. Our treatment based products resemble the structure of your skin and penetrate to allow us to safely and effectively treat all of your skin concerns. We’re all about results without the hype. If you are seeking relaxation, stress reduction, skin rejuvenation or simply an escape for a touch of pampering or maintenance, I will tailor a programme to suit your individual requirements.


What is our target market?

Skin is my passion so my target market is every female who wants to invest in their skin! Females of all ages who want to be educated on how to have a healthy skin, who will be committed to a skincare regime and will trust me in being their skin coach. When our skin is healthy, our skin is at its best.


What do I love about Selwyn?

Selwyn was economically viable to move our family to in 2014. My business is established in Selwyn with local, loyal clients. Selwyn is a safe community and offers opportunities provided by a rapidly growing community.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

I decided to become a member of the Selwyn Business Group so I could be part of a group of positive professionals who want to build up and support the local business community in and around the Selwyn area. Also to build my confidence in public speaking and to increase my network of contacts.