About SBG & Our Members

The Entity…

We started in 2010 and have developed our own way of doing things from there. We have survived! We have seen others come and go so we know we are doing the right thing.

Code of Ethics…

We always maintain professional standards representing yourself and your company.
We always try to supply quality leads to others as they will do for you.
We always follow up all supplied leads as soon as possible.
We always have up-to-date insurance covering your service type.

Our Members…

Our members wear SBG “The Brand” with pride. We are all advocates, so what more can we say? Even the mayor pop’s in from time to time for our meetings.

More about the SBG

SBG is held in a casual, fun and friendly environment. Our style is vibrant and fresh – a hybrid of the best bits from other franchises some say – all designed to get you the most benefit from these type of activities. We are all about gaining qualified “hot” referrals and having fun. We like to think we are the most beneficial in many ways and we very much like to think “Givers Gain”, if I refer business to you, you will refer business to me. Our aim is to build long-term relationships you can trust and referrals naturally happen inside and outside our group.

More about our members

SBG is an exciting, innovative group which brings local business people together once a week for a networking meeting where ideas are shared, referrals encouraged and people are supported to grow their businesses. Each week we have guest speakers, a forum and group discussions which encourage you to think ‘outside the square’ in order to promote and improve your business. Through these regular networking meetings you will build confidence in public speaking, develop and generate business, as well as increase your network of contacts. Our goal is to bring together hard-working, positive professionals who want to build up the local business community in and around the Selwyn area.