SBG’s History

Founded because of necessity…

Way back in time, in a place full of franchise networking groups (much like today), the founding members said “ENOUGH! Let’s do this our way. These styles of networking groups don’t work after a certain time period.” We thought “We are not a franchise for the benefit of a faceless corporation, we want to operate as a totally independent entity all for the sole benefit the group’s members.”.

Here to stay…

We established the group way back in 2010 and have never looked back. We have been doing things our way ever since. Our style is vibrant and fresh – a hybrid of the best bits from other franchises some say, we have evolved – all designed to get you the most benefit from these type of activities, all while growing your business in a casual fun environment. We call it making business friends.

A brief History

  • 2010



    Once upon a time in another franchise business networking group, the founder had an epiphany and the Kiwi Number-8 wire syndrome kicked in.

  • 2011

    First Steps

    We acted similar to the rest, but had no head office, therefor no overheads. We started to break the mould!



  • 2012


    Breaking Free

    We broke free, free from the parameters set by other franchises. We started to develop our very own formula.

  • 2014

    SBG now had Style

    Our style became vibrant and fresh – a hybrid of the best bits from other franchises some say – all designed to get you the most benefit from these type of activities. We were regularly gaining qualified “hot” referrals and having fun. We like to think we are the most beneficial in many ways and we very much like to think “Givers Gain”, if I refer business to you, you will refer business to me. Our aim is now to build long-term relationships you can trust and referrals naturally happen inside and outside our group.



  • 2016


    SBG – A Totally Independent Business Networking Group

    We are not a franchise for the benefit of a faceless corporation, we were now operating as a totally independent entity to benefit of all the group’s members.
    This became a fantastic option for people who wish to keep their own company identity and increase their workflow plus profits whilst trading as a SBG networking member through this group. SBG is now a professional organisation that allows all SBG members to meet on a regular basis. The primary purpose of SBG is now to exchange qualified business referrals and to develop business for all concerned at a very cost-effective rate. All who are registered with SBG are invited to meet for a business meeting once every week to develop friendships and new business opportunities in a casual and fun environment. You must be registered as a SBG Member before you can attend your registered SBG meeting; however members (without encouragement) started to invite guests to our meetings. As a guests who is wanted to register, they were now vetted through the committee first before approval.

  • 2018

    Multiple Benefits

    • We provide fun & unique business networking
    • you access new people & more business customers
    • FREE advice is available from inspiring professionals & guest speakers
    • you become the exclusive business industry category
    • you find other businesses to work with & build trusted relationships
    • it’s extremely cost effective marketing
    • we exclusively promote your business
    • we meet with the Selwyn District Council and they meet with us (we have their ears).



  • 2020


    Emerging from the Virtual COVID-19 Lockdown meetings

    SBG is now an exciting, innovative group which brings local business people together once a week for a networking meeting where ideas are shared, referrals encouraged and people are supported to grow their businesses. Each week we have guest speakers, a forum and group discussions which encourage you to think ‘outside the square’ in order to promote and improve your business. Through these regular networking meetings you will build confidence in public speaking, develop and generate business, as well as increase your network of contacts. Our goal is to bring together hard-working, positive professionals who want to build up the local business community in and around the Selwyn area.

We are the BEST Business Networking Group in Selwyn


If you want to wear the SBG brand, you can.

We all know how expensive other business networks can be can be a part of?!

Well, our SBG Members have the benefits of the SBG Marketing Programme and our SBG meetings.

Together with our SBG members as advocates for your business and the many referrals than usually happen, we are the most beneficial, cost effective and powerful business networking group for your business.

Want to grow, expand or start a business?