CHRIS PEGMAN PHOTOGRAPHY NZIPP Master of Photography with Distinction | Master of WPE

What do we do?

Chris is a Panoramic Landscape and Astrophotographer, working commercially with clients such as McDonalds restaurants, Pitcairn Islands Tourism, Waitangi Treaty Grounds and New World Supermarkets, as well as families looking for a centrepiece for their home.

He has moved to Canterbury to be close to the lakes and mountains, and is keen to adventure both locally and wherever he is asked to travel.


What is our target market?

Broad vistas that take your breath away and a sense of wonder at the enormity of it all. International award winning Panoramic Landscape & Astrophotographer Chris Pegman produces these kinds photographic art images by marrying the beauty of nature with technological advances in processing techniques & gear with the intention of capturing the spirit of being there.


What do I love about Selwyn?

Based in Canterbury and travelling extensively, Chris is an experienced and passionate photographer, having won many awards for his images both nationally and internationally. He is a NZIPP Master Photographer with Distinction and his works include commercial images for NZ tourism, Heritage New Zealand, and many others, including two voyages of 6 weeks in the Pitcairn Islands (perhaps the remotest island on the globe). Chris has been practicing as an Osteopath for over 30 years, and is a father of 3 daughters.


Why am I wanting to be a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

For business advice and camaraderie.

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International Award Winning

Panoramic landscape & Astrophotographer