Lammers Consulting

What do we do?

Lammers Consulting provides strategic and communications advice to enhance and protect the reputation of your organisation. We find the story you want to tell, pinpoint your target audience and find the best channels to reach those people. We specialise in media engagement, but some organisations may be best served with a social media campaign, developing their website or direct marketing. Or we help you stay out of the media when things go pear-shaped.


What is our target market?

Our target market are those organisations who have a great story to tell, but struggle to get cut-through, and we are most successful with those who appreciate the value our advice adds to their organisation.
Lammers Consulting has extensive experience with corporate companies, smaller businesses, charities, sporting organisations, government agencies and international agencies, so we can adapt to all your specific needs.


What do I love about Selwyn?

We look at our business with an international lens, but Selwyn is our community and there is nothing more fulfilling than helping organisations in our beautiful, booming district fulfill their potential.
The strong influx of new people, with new ideas, and new opportunities is creating a well-connected, resilient community and a robust economy that can weather the international storms we are exposed to. I feel lucky to live in Selwyn where I can explore the hinterland on my bike, kick a ball with my mates at Foster Park or take the family to the aquatic centre.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

The Selwyn Business Group has played a big role in feeling connected to the local community and providing guidance and support since I started my own business. The weekly meetings are fun, supportive and informative. The SGB is not specifically set up to create new business leads, but the strong relationships build trust which for has resulted in Lammers Consulting working with over a dozen members of this group.