The Best Driveway Ramps for Selwyn

What do we do?

Provide and install Aluminium driveway extrusion ramps for may situations.


What is our target market?

Anyone who is sick of that stupid semi-mountable Selwyn curb and needs to banish that bump.


What do I love about Selwyn?

It’s a growing area and has a great vibe.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

Being alone in business, I love the camaraderie, inclusion and benefits from the group.

KERBY™ – The best driveway ramp!


The Best Driveway Ramp for Selwyn (KERBY™) was designed right here in Rolleston. We had ‘had enough’ of that “bump” every time he went in or out of our driveway which kept destroying our wheel alignment each month, therefor making our car steer badly and our tyres wear out faster. “Enough!” we said, let’s design the best Aluminium Fixed Ramp we can imagine, so we did.