Phil Hudson – Freeman Irrigation

Just add water and we do the rest!

What do we do?

Freeman Irrigation 2004 Ltd has been installing quality Irrigation systems for the past 17 years in Canterbury.

Freeman Irrigation offers design, supply and installation of automated easy-to-use, quality Wi-Fi irrigation systems that can be programmed, automated and controlled remotely from your phone.


What is our target market?

Anyone who wants to save time, money & water on your irrigation and keep their property looking mint!


What do I love about Selwyn?

Have lived here all my life and love the area for what it’s becoming.


Why am I wanting to be a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

I am one of the original members who have gone away when I have been really busy and then having staffing issues, and come back. I cannot explain how good this group is, but in saying that I can’t wait to turn up every Wednesday now!

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Want to save time, money & water?