Ruben’s Joinery

What do we do?

We help people with timber character homes and clients with their commercial fit outs to craft a unique joinery solution for them and future generations.

If you need someone to solve your unique timber joinery problem and want someone that delivers on what they promise: We want to help.


What is our target market?

A client that has an existing timber home that seeks to retain the character of their home.


What do I love about Selwyn?

Feels like a supportive district to live and work in, and I like being involved in local community activities like kids sport etc.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

The group has a good diverse range of skills and knowledge that are brought to the table when providing feedback, and various discussions, giving a better result when dealing with difficult issues.

The support and knowledge input from the group stimulates me to be positive and encourages me to implement new ideas.