Tom – Larcomb Vineyard & G&T Catering

We go the extra mile, because we want to

What do we do?

Events & Catering.

For many years, Larcomb Vineyard has been involved in some of the most beautiful celebrations in the Canterbury region. Our unique venue offers everything needed to create your perfect event. We always make sure to provide our guests with the best services, offering a wide variety of customizable menus and design options.

Managed by Tom Lawson from Larcomb Vineyard has so much to offer as a wedding venue and location for a wide variety of events. From assisting in the planning of your perfect day, through to making your casual Christmas function rock, our team have the skills and experience to impress the most discerning of guests.

What is our target market?

Everyone who want’s an event or get married.

We’ve hosted countless numbers of beautiful weddings and special events here at Larcomb Vineyard. We invite you to look through our online portfolio to see photos and videos from some of our past parties and celebrations. With picturesque, one-of-a-kind views and incredible decor options, you’re guaranteed to come away with some lasting memories.

What do I love about Selwyn?

It’s busy and it’s the town of the future.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

It’s fun!

Tom – Larcomb Vineyard & G&T Catering


Open dependant on event, please book for a viewing at

307 Larcombs Rd Rolleston, Canterbury 7675 New Zealand