Rolleston Costume Hire

What do we do?

We started out as Rolleston Costume Hire. We outgrew our premises so have now not only moved into larger purpose build premises but have also expanded our
Business to include Event Hire & Boutique Dress Hire. We have over 3000 costumes as well as a huge amount of accessories for hire and sale. We are very excited to
Be expanding into Event Hire….What does Event Hire mean for us? Our Event Hire is evolving and includes – Themed backdrops, flower & greenery walls, Themed bars,
Halloween Props including amazing animated ones! We have also have archways, chaise, chairs, tables, Photo Booth, barriers and much more. As well as our costumes
And event hire products we are also able to offer our growing Boutique Dress hire range. All of our Boutique Dress Hire Dresses are $60 not only do we have stunning
Dresses but we also have a variety of fascinators available to complete your look. We have a great wee team who are all local to Selwyn and are not only able to help
You choose what you need but we love doing what we do 🙂


What is our target market?

• Costume Hire – All ages Canterbury Wide
• Event Hire – Anyone wanting to give some uniqueness to their event. Whether it be a birthday party, themed party, halloween party, engagement party, Wedding, work function
• Boutique Dress Hire – Women about 30 years+ and plus sizes that have a special event on eg day at the races, a wedding guest, special work function.


What do I love about Selwyn?

I love the community feel and the people.


Why am I a member of the Selwyn Business Group?

To get to know like minded small business people that I can share and bounce ideas with. Meet other people I may be able to work with and help each other to Build our businesses.